Air Filtration Systems

With a solution-driven team, Phoenix custom designs and fabricates highly effective and efficient air filtration equipment and parts for maximum plant production and profitability. When it comes to selecting equipment to manage air quality, you need a number of alternatives that can achieve the desired result.

Dust collection equipment manufactured at Phoenix is designed to meet the dust collection needs of most any situation. Over the years we have repeatedly been challenged by customers to solve impossible situations. With our years of experience and state-of-the art capabilities, we can meet your needs.

Custom Design

Phoenix designs each process collector individually based on your specific needs to achieve a cost-effective design without sacrificing performance. We offer systems in module, compartmented, or panelized designs to meet site erection & application requirements.

  • Reverse Air Baghouses

    Phoenix’s reverse air filters require “No” plant compressed Air. We offer two styles that we can customize to your application. The SWF (Sweep Arm Filter) utilizes a Pressure Blower to generate the bag cleaning reverse air. The HVP (High Velocity Pulse) utilizes a Positive Displacement (PD) pump to generate the bag cleaning pulse air.
  • Pulse Jet Baghouses

    Phoenix offers a complete range of Pulse Jet Baghouses, with styles including bottom-loading bags, top-loading bags and walk-in clean air plenums plus a variety of inlet configurations. Phoenix can also manufacture highly specialized units including high pressure / high vacuum and explosion containment design.
  • Cyclone Collectors

    Phoenix offers three standard series of cyclone collectors – SE (Standard Efficiency), HE (High Efficiency) and HV (High Volume). Cyclones are available with or without disengagement chambers depending on the efficiency expectation, product and gas stream characteristics as well as downstream equipment. Materials of construction that are available include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and abrasion resistant plate.
  • Hoppers

    Phoenix’s Scale Hoppers are fabricated to meet the needs of your application. The scale hoppers can be equipped with scaling valves, bin vents, load cells, high/mid/low level switches, rotary airlock discharges, butterfly discharges, vibration aids, fluidization aids, etc. The scale hoppers can be fabricated out of carbon steel/epoxy coated, carbon steel or aluminum. We can provide structural supports for the scale hopper as well. Phoenix also manufacturers Augers, Clean Air Plenums, Blowpipes, Tilesheets and more.