Asphalt Equipment

For all types of asphalt operations, Phoenix provides industry expertise and a highly skilled team in fabricating the most reliable and productive equipment for rugged asphalt systems.


  • Cold Feed Bins

    Phoenix fabricates Cold Feed Bins that can be portable or stationary to suit plant operations. Cold Feed Bins are fabricated with ¼” thick grade 50 carbon steel and designed with bin walls that are tapered & self-relieving for easy discharge of material and optimum processing.
    Phoenix bins are specially designed to allow for easy add-on of additional bins, which allow for effective plant growth and production.


    • Direct drive gearboxes eliminates costly V-belts & shelves.
    • Adjustable conveyor racks.
    • Extra heavy-duty legs & support beams for longevity.
    • Removable bins for ease of repair or replacement.
  • Rap & Shingle Bins

    Phoenix Rap & Shingle Bins are designed with steep sidewall & self-reliving hopper to prevent material bridging and even material flow.

    All bins are fabricated with ¼” thick grade 50 carbon steel.


    • Direct drive gearboxes eliminates costly V-belts & shelves.
    • Adjustable conveyor racks
    • Extra heavy duty legs & support beams for longevity
    • Removable bins for ease of repair or replacement
  • Bin Aeration Discs

    Aeration Discs are used to aid in discharging dry bulk solids from bins, hoppers and silos. Aeration Discs are offered in carbon steel (painted epoxy or enamel) and stainless steel. By design Aeration Discs have a lower profile than conventional vibratory bin dischargers. Aeration discs are available with single point discharge or multiple point discharges.


Phoenix Manufacturing fabricates a full line of conveyors. Phoenix fabricates all models of conveyors and bucket elevators. We can fabricate most O.E.M. components per the specifications and provide the most durable and productive equipment for consistent maximum production. Whatever you need, Phoenix will help troubleshoot and find the solution for your equipment It is our guarantee to help keep you up and running at peak performance.

  • Drag Slat Conveyors


    • 200 to 800 tons per hour capacity
    • Dual or single chain
    • 3,000,000 ton chrome carbide wear plate
    • 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 ton chain
    • Dual stairways standard


Phoenix has been fabricating dryer drums specific to OEM style and configurations for over 25 years. With our expertise, we can rebuild or fabricate the dryer drum for your individual needs to keep you running at peak performance. No matter the OEM, style or configuration, Phoenix Mfg. can fabricate to meet your current design or work with you to make design changes you require to meet your production demands.

We work with you to improve your drum production with new designs in flighting & Rap system technology. Increased production and the use of RAP and RAS have changed how you operate your plant. Properly designed RAP/RAS entry systems are critical to ensure you will meet the production rates you require. The Phoenix engineering team works with you to design a RAP / RAS entry system that cascades properly through the combustion zone allowing you to improved release of water vapor in the drying process. Whether your plant is stationary or re-locatable and portable, Phoenix gives you the advantage to fabricate a dryer/drum to fit your specific needs. .


No other fabricator can offer you what Phoenix can when it comes to retrofitting. Because we have fabricated for most Asphalt Plant OEM’s for decades, you can be assured our experience brings you the high quality and best combined fabricating options of any of the OEM’s.

Whether you need a new dryer, chute, bins, gates, conveyor, reline a drum or silo cone or new dust collector and stack, Phoenix trained professionals will work with you to meet your specifications while at the same time provide you suggestions of changes and/or upgrades you may want to consider.

Secondary Above Ground Tanks


    PHOENIX –Secondary Containment Above-ground Tank SYSTEM(S) Phoenix has designed a containment process in the secondary above ground tank system that makes it the superior vessel to securely handle all hazardous liquids and fuels safely. If you are currently using drums or stationary tanks for storage or transport for fuel, chemical, petroleum or other hazardous products, Phoenix SCAT tanks & systems offer a unique design and optional customized parts for the most cost efficient and effective storage systems to meet your needs and meet all regulatory requirements. Phoenix Secondary Containment Above-ground Tank Systems are UL Listed and UL Canada Listed. Phoenix is able to fabricate tanks from 270 Gallons to 30,000 GallonsFeatures:

    • Direct drive gearboxes eliminates costly V-belts & shelves.
    • Adjustable conveyor racks.
    • Extra heavy-duty legs & support beams for longevity.
    • Removable bins for ease of repair or replacement.
  • Applications

    • Storage/Collection
    • Portable Fuel Stations
    • Waste Oil Handling
    • Remote Sump Location
    • Virgin Chemicals
    • Containment and Control
    • Simplify Multiple Product
    • Handling
  • Features

    The P-SCAT Systems are designed with a Steel Primary Bulk Storage Tank, which holds flammable or hazardous liquids and is enclosed in a Steel Secondary Reservoir, complete with a Removable Welded Steel Roof.

    The Secondary Reservoir captures any liquid leakage from spills, leaks or ruptures of the Primary Tank. Phoenix SCAT Systems keep virgin material free from contamination, making it possible to eliminate the formation and costly cleanup of hazardous waste

    The P-SCAT System can be fabricated with multiple compartments to handle a variety of fuels, virgin chemicals, and/or waste liquids

    You can optimize your System by adding sump pumps and/or fuel pump assemblies.

  • Specs



Hot Mix Silos

  • About

    Hot Mix Silos Reduce segregation and maximize production with Phoenix Manufacturing. LLC silo systems. Our high quality welded silos are designed to meet demanding plant production. System capacities range from 100 ton single bins to 3,000 ton multiple bin systems. We can customize a system to meet your specific needs Continuous shop-weld silo body provides enormous strength and maximum structural integrity to tolerate heat and vibration. The unique cone support design eliminates the risk of bottoming out. Phoenix Mfg. LLC offers design features such as; heavy duty I-beam support legs, ¼” thick double welded body, dual-flow batcher and dual safety gates, material level indicators, and cone heaters.
  • Silo Diameter and Capacity

    Phoenix Silos are available in either a 11.5 ft. (3.50 meters) or 12.5 ft. (3.81 meters) diameter of the following capacities:

    Tons 100 150 200 250 300

    Metric Tons 91 136 181 227 272

  • Portable SILO

    Phoenix Mfg. LLC one-piece portable silo, available in 70 and 100 ton capacity, is easy to transport and self-erects in just 10 minutes. We fabricate our silos to hold up to years of rugged use and transport.


    • Built-in hydraulic controls
    • Dual-flow batcher
    • Massive outriggers
    • Insulation
    • Continuous shop welding, sturdy construction
    • Self-erect system
    • 3-point load cells for precise weighing
    • Electric cone heat
  • Mineral Additive Systems

    Phoenix offers a full range of Mineral Additive Silos for lime dust, fly ash, or mineral fillers to the hot mix product. A specially designed weigh hopper ensures precise measuring of any required additive and can accommodate any dust return or metering system, To meet the tightest state and DOT specifications, each additive system is sized per application to assure optimum mix design quality. Mineral silos are available in stationary, portable, and self-erecting configurations ranging from 200 to 900 bbl. capacities for addition of fly ash, dust, lime, or other mineral additives to the asphalt product. PugMill For plants requiring a lime additive mixture, Phoenix can incorporate an optional pugmill mixer for dry or wet pre-blending with aggregates.